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Rehearsal Notes, November 6th

October 31, 2014 - 9:09am -- Noah Blocker-Glynn

Greetings O’ Wonderful GNHCC Singers!


Happy Halloween to you all!  I am sorry that this message is long, but all the content is very important (please take the time to read).


Great rehearsal last night!  I think it was important for us to get a sense of the whole Requiem and see where our trouble spots are.  For me, the following areas stuck-out;

  • Vanitas Vanitatum (middle section and end)
  • Sanctus (middle section and end)
  • Lux Aeterna (middle section and end)
  • TEXT and General Pronunciation….


These are all areas that we have worked on before, however the transitions threw us for a loop.  Please take some time to focus on these three movements.


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