GNHCC After Concert Get Together

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December 8, 2014 - 8:15pm -- Susan Shultz

From: Sarah Renzi Social committee Chair

Hey Everyone, on behalf of the Social committee I want to formally invite you all to our after concert get together Saturday night.  It is a super way to converse with your fellow chorus members in an informal manner.. This is an especially great opportunity for the people who are new to GNHCC.  We all have worked hard this semester and deserve a reward.  So the reward will be having drinks and something to eat after our concert.  We all know how thirsty we will be and a refreshment is what is called for. 

Christy’s Irish Pub

261 Orange Street

New Haven Connecticut

Time starts after concert about 10:30 pm to whenever.


I have reserved a loft area for us and if more people then can fit there come we will figure something out.  As for parking there is a propark lot next to it but there is on street parking for people… According to Christy’s you have to us your discretion about using the lot.